GSoC with OpenMRS — Week 5 Update

Kate Belson
1 min readJul 14, 2021

For week 5, I attempted to fix another RubyGems error similar to last week’s, but it was in a different module of OpenMRS.

The Error:
The error was the same as last week: the RubyGems link in the code did not support HTTPS and therefore my version of Maven could not use it, and would not run.

The Fix:
To fix this issue, I attempted to use the same RubyGems link as last week, as this had work. I tried the code, tested it with mvn clean package, and it appeared to work so I opened another PR.

The Problem:
When my PR was tested, the code failed. This was confusing as it had worked on my laptop, but after discussing it with my mentor I found that because I had recently used it, the RubyGems package had already been downloaded to my laptop so Maven used it and presumed it would run properly like last time. When it was not already downloaded during the PR test, it did not work. After some discussion with other members of the OpenMRS community, we decided to close the PR and move on.


Next week I am looking into the XSS vulnerability.



Kate Belson

BSc Computer Science Student at University of Exeter. Participating in Google Summer of Code for OpenMRS.